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Test Schedule

The dates and classes for the last topical test on the Reign of Sultan Hashim are as follow:

7E – Monday, 14/11/2011

7T – Wednesday, 9/11/2011

7R – Saturday, 12/11/2011  change to Tuesday, 15/11/2011

7U – Thursday, 10/11/2011 change to Tuesday, 15/11/2011

7L – Wednesday, 16/11/2011

Format of the paper: Stimulus Questions

Time limit: 20 minutes only


Test schedule

The schedule for the upcoming in-class test on the topic of SOAS II and Sultan Abdul Momin is as follow:

7E – Wednesday 19th October 2011 (change to Saturday 22nd October 2011)

7T – Wednesday 19th October 2011

7R – Saturday 22nd October 2011

7U – Thursday 20th October 2011

7L – Wednesday 19th October 2011 (change to Wednesday 26th October 2011)

Topical Test Review

Next week please be informed that there will be a topical test for 25 minutes. The test will be scheduled to the classes as follow:

7T – Tuesday 9/8/11

7R- Tuesday 9/8/11

7U- Tuesday 9/8/11 (change to Thursday 11/8/11)

7E- Wednesday 10/8/11

7L – Wednesday 10/8/11

The test will include four topics:

The arrival of Spanish

The Castille War

The Separation of Sulu

The coming of the British in the 17th to 18th Centuries

Here some hints and topic review that should be noted:

Key Dates to know:



14 April 1578

26 June 1578

Mid of the 17th Century






Key people to know

Antonio Pigafetta

Dr Francisco De Sande

Sultan Saiful Rijal

Pengiran Seri Lela

Pengiran Seri Ratna

Pengiran Bendahara Sakam

Alexander Dalrymple

John Jesse

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin I

Thomas Forrest

Studying Questions:

When did the Spanish ship Victoria reach Brunei?


Who wrote about the visit to Brunei when the Spanish arrived in 1521?

Antonio Pigafetta

Who was the Spanish Governor in Manila in 1576?

Dr Francisco de Sande

What were the 3 terms demanded by the Spanish Governor in Manila to Brunei?

The Spanish wanted to have good relations with Brunei

They asked to be allowed to spread Christianity in Brunei

The Bruneian Missionaries stop spreading Islam in the Philippines

Why did the Spanish attack Brunei on 14 April 1578?

Sultan Saiful Rijal did not agree to allow Christian Missionaries coming to Brunei

He also did not agree to stop Bruneian Missinaries from spreading Islam in the Philippines.

How did the Spanish attack Brunei and managed to capture Brunei’s capital?

They brought a fleet of 40 ships and many soldiers

They were helped by two Bruneian nobles who turned traitors

How many days did the Spanish capture Brunei?

72 days only

When did Sulu break away from Brunei’s control?

Mid of 17th century

Who left Brunei and started to work for Sulu?


Which lands of Brunei were attackedby Sulu?


Who made an agreement with the Sultan of Sulu to allow the British to use part of the North Borneo and some nearby islands for trade?

Alexander Dalrymple

What does EIC stand for?

East India Company

Where did the EIC set up trading post in Borneo in 1773?


Who did the EIC sent in 1774 to Brunei to buy pepper from Chinese gardeners?

John Jesse

Which Island was offered to the British in 1775 by SOAS I in return for Brunei’s protection against Sulu?


Why did the British leave Brunei in 1777?

They were losing money on their trading operation in Borneo.

Who visited Brunei in 1776 and described Brunei Town?

Thomas Forrest

Upcoming Test on The Civil War

A gentle reminder to all history students,

There will be a short MCQ test (15 minutes) on the Brunei’s Civil War next week and this test will be included for the third term assessment. The date and class for the abovementioned test are as follow:

7E – Wednesday 27/7/11

7T- Monday 25/7/11

7R- Saturday 30/7/11

7U- Tuesday 26/7/11

7L- Saturday 30/7/11

To do well for this test, these essential questions below will give you an exact picture of what to expect for the test.

Broad questions

What were the causes of the Civil War?

What were the effects of the Civil War?

Specific questions

When did the War start and end?

Why did Pengiran Muda Bungsu killed the son of Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Abdul Mubin?

Who ruled Brunei between 1660 and 1661 and was known as Marhum Tumbang Di Rumput?

Who was the new Bendahara when Pengiran Abdul Mubin made himself as the Sultan? What was the reason behind this appointment?

Where did Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin moved to when there was a chaos in the old capital of Brunei?

Why was the Sultan of Sulu willing to help Sultan Muhyiddin defeat Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin?