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Test Schedule

The dates and classes for the last topical test on the Reign of Sultan Hashim are as follow:

7E – Monday, 14/11/2011

7T – Wednesday, 9/11/2011

7R – Saturday, 12/11/2011  change to Tuesday, 15/11/2011

7U – Thursday, 10/11/2011 change to Tuesday, 15/11/2011

7L – Wednesday, 16/11/2011

Format of the paper: Stimulus Questions

Time limit: 20 minutes only


Test schedule

The schedule for the upcoming in-class test on the topic of SOAS II and Sultan Abdul Momin is as follow:

7E – Wednesday 19th October 2011 (change to Saturday 22nd October 2011)

7T – Wednesday 19th October 2011

7R – Saturday 22nd October 2011

7U – Thursday 20th October 2011

7L – Wednesday 19th October 2011 (change to Wednesday 26th October 2011)