Recounting the Memories of the Past

Upcoming Test on The Civil War

A gentle reminder to all history students,

There will be a short MCQ test (15 minutes) on the Brunei’s Civil War next week and this test will be included for the third term assessment. The date and class for the abovementioned test are as follow:

7E – Wednesday 27/7/11

7T- Monday 25/7/11

7R- Saturday 30/7/11

7U- Tuesday 26/7/11

7L- Saturday 30/7/11

To do well for this test, these essential questions below will give you an exact picture of what to expect for the test.

Broad questions

What were the causes of the Civil War?

What were the effects of the Civil War?

Specific questions

When did the War start and end?

Why did Pengiran Muda Bungsu killed the son of Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Abdul Mubin?

Who ruled Brunei between 1660 and 1661 and was known as Marhum Tumbang Di Rumput?

Who was the new Bendahara when Pengiran Abdul Mubin made himself as the Sultan? What was the reason behind this appointment?

Where did Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin moved to when there was a chaos in the old capital of Brunei?

Why was the Sultan of Sulu willing to help Sultan Muhyiddin defeat Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin?




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