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Hari Raya and Teachers Day

Yesterday i took some pictures of the big event in School. Lots of entertainment and of course plentiful food served. Check out the photos below.

Getting ready for National Anthem.

Pose like a superstar.

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A group photo with 7R.

Y in HISTORY means You!

Gimme a piece of history.

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Vote – The greatest Sultan of Brunei

The Sultans mentioned were considered to be well known as they are commonly found in textbooks and academic books for their own respective achievements at different period of time in Brunei. I let you decide – who was the greatest Sultan of Brunei ever lived?


Comments are always welcomed.

What are wharfs, sir?

A student asked me the question while pointing to the extract text written by Thomas Forrest called ‘A Voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas, 1774-1776′. I did try to give a good description of it..’it’s like a bridge or jetty’ i said. Well, a better description is a landing place where ships or boats may tie up and load or unload (Free dictionary by Farlex).

Rozan Yunos happened to write an article in regards to wharf in Bandar Seri Begawan, here’s the link http://bruneiresources.blogspot.com/2008/12/historic-role-of-bandar-seri-begawan.html very informative and in fact he argued that there was no ‘actual’ wharf at Kampung Ayer even though many ships dropped anchored at that area. The ‘actual’ wharf was built around 1920’s or 30’s based on the age of the photos he had.



Plasticine Project – What a splendid art!

Most of the project done by year 7 history students were indeed attractive, splendid or shall i say a MASTERPIECE! Well done!


EIC stands for East India Company and to be clear NOT English India Company even though it was also known as English East India Company just to separate the Dutch East India Company.

According to wikipedia it was formed initially for pursuing trade with the East Indies (Malay Archipelago amongst others) but that ended up trading mainly with the Indian subcontinent and China.

In the textbook it mentioned how EIC was offered the island of Labuan since they needed a safe place for anchorage and new trading post in Borneo by Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien I in exchange of protection against Sulu. It did not take long before they left Labuan due to lack of profits and outbreak of Malaria (Early Labuan was filled with marshy ground and jungle). Hence, trading operation was still under the control of the Sultan Not until in 1846 when James Brooke became the first Governor of Labuan.

Company flag after 1801

Sultan Muhyiddin

Hi readers and History students,

Sultan Muhyiddin was the 14th Sultan of Brunei and proclaimed himself as the Sultan when Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin left Kota Batu to Pulau Chermin. Civil War happened and he sought help from Sultan Sulu to defeat Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin. In the end, Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin was killed and he ruled Brunei from 1673-1690.

During his reign, he was known for his wisdom, strength and capabilities of uniting the people after the war. In fact he also ordered the issue of Salasilah Raja-Raja Brunei to justify him as the rightful Sultan from the family of Sultan Muhammad Ali. Brunei’s borders at that time were the Sambas River in the West and Sibuku River in the East. In 1690 he died and was known as ‘Marhum Bungsu’.

Here is a picture of Sultan Muhyiddin’s tombstone at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Tarap Besar, BSB.

The Civil War

Hello readers, I have found 3 series video on The Civil War done by UBD students.The drawback is that it’s in Malay but anyway take a look.

Sulu and its relationship with Brunei

Hi to all History students.. Sulu was once part of Brunei’s kingdom back since Sultan Sharif Ali. However, i have found an article that Sulu developed into a soveriegn Islamic State on 17th November 1405. Here is the link (http://www.zamboangatoday.ph/index.php/opinion/viewsopinions/4475-sulu-sultanate-fought-two-wars-defending-brunei-sultanate.html). If this source is true then how come in the textbook stated that Sulu broke away from Brunei’s control in the middle of 17th centurywhen Spain and Brunei was busy competing each other. To clarify on that question, we all know that Sultan Bokiah conquered many islands in the Philippines including Sulu and continued to control Sulu until perhaps the 17th century when the Spanish in Manila constantly invading Sulu and somehow Brunei lost control of its territories in the Philippines. In addition here is another link(http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/Modules/Modules/MuslimMindanao/historical_timeline_of_the_royal.htm) that will give better understanding of Sultanate of Sulu from its beginning until the present state. Enjoy reading and comments welcome!

The Castille War

Hi..for this topic we have covered i just want to highlight that effects of this war are as follow:

1. Brunei and Spain continued to become rivals (Spain did not end its invasion of Brunei’s territories after this war infact Sulu was attacked)

2. Sultan Bolkiah’s tomb was destroyed and five roofed mosque was destroyed

3. Trade was weakened

Here is a link to this topic for further reading ( http://bruneiresources.blogspot.com/2008/05/brunei-versus-spain-castillian-war.html ). I found it interesting that the reason for the Spanish left Brunei was because dysentry and perhaps cholera as well.

Short video on Ferdinand Magellan

Hi..it’s been a while i haven’t post in this blog. What’s the word im looking for yup ‘HIATUS’!

Well im sure everyone is still in a holiday mood, im slowly recollecting my energy to prepare more materials for History lesson. To get started i just post this video incase you haven’t seen it. It’s exactly the same to the one posted in the Wallwisher which didnt turn out well then i expected. Anyway watch it and enjoy!