Recounting the Memories of the Past

Monthly Archives: January 2011

Week 1: Materials and supplies for History

Year 7 newbies (students) must have the following items for History class:

1. An A4 sized margin-lined book (the school exercise book). This is for your classwork in one book.

2. A lever arch file (big file) to keep your homework, notes, test/exam papers and projects

3. A file divider to organize your file

4. Glue and scissors (trimming and pasting worksheets and projects)

5. A clear slip-on file (or a pocket file) to store and remind latest classwork, homework, project etc.

The materials as mentioned above might cost you roughly $10.00 that you will be using until the end of the year. Oh i forget to mention, pens, pencil and ruler are obviously must-have. Lastly, label your name on the items you owned. Adios! Happy shopping! Please let me know if you read this post. Identify name and class. TQ!


Will History repeats itself?

After showing a video clip on the Lion King i assured to myself and my students past mistakes should serve as a lesson and not simply forget about it or ‘run’ from it. My memorable past mistake i made and will learn from it by HARD was calling out the wrong name of a student. Well it sounds silly but i tend to do that. For this year i will have to remember and recognize almost a hundred new names so that i won’t feel embarassed.

If you have past mistakes that you can recall please feel free to post it (name and class) and tell how you felt and how are you going to respond to it?