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Is Jackie Chan a History fan?

Who doesn’t know this man – JACKIE CHAN? A talented and hardworking actor yet humble. I read in his diary recently and found that he repeatedly said ‘History’ exactly 4 times (not in the same sentence of course) to describe his thoughts on his visit to the White House. Click here to read his diary: http://jackiechan.com/blog/1154189–My-Visit-to-the-White-House

He seems fond of History knowing that his latest film soon to be released is 1911 (a story of the founding of the Republic of China when Sun Yat-Sen’s forces overthrew the Qing Dynasty) and in fact in his interview the reason why he choose to produce the film as he quoted ‘Young people will be able to easily Forget history, many of them only know that Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, we take this historical theme is to remind young people to want to repeat history.’ Good words from a great man!

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