Recounting the Memories of the Past

Alexander Dalrymple

According to wikipedia Dalrymple (refer to textbook page 45) was born at New Hailes near Edinburgh (scotland) the seventh of sixteenth children (wowzer! a huge family indeed) of Sir James Dalrymple and his wife the daughter of the Earl of Haddington (seems very influential). He went to London in 1752 and was appointed a writer in the British East India Company, being first posted to Madras (India). While with the EIC he became interested in the possibilities of trade with the East Indies (India, the Malay Archipelago and the Philippines) and China and subsequently negotiated a treaty with the Sultan of Sulu and visited Canton at the age of only 22 (young and daring i would say).

The last sentence is consistent to the textbook whereby near the end of the 18th century, a British trader named Alexander Dalrymple made an agreement with the Sultan of Sulu to allow the British to use part of the coast of North Borneo and some nearby islands for their trade. In other words, the British wanted to gain full advantage of trade (spices, jungle products and exotic ones such as tortoise shells) by having a base (or station to dock their ships for loading goods and maintenance) close enough to the SPICE ISLANDS, BORNEO and THE PHILIPPINES. Apparently, they also made clear signal to other Europeans such as the Dutch and Spanish of their trading motives and gradual influence in Asia.  The only problem that British have to face was disturbances from the PIRATES!

Below is a potrait of Alexander Dalrymple


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