Recounting the Memories of the Past

Sulu and its relationship with Brunei

Hi to all History students.. Sulu was once part of Brunei’s kingdom back since Sultan Sharif Ali. However, i have found an article that Sulu developed into a soveriegn Islamic State on 17th November 1405. Here is the link (http://www.zamboangatoday.ph/index.php/opinion/viewsopinions/4475-sulu-sultanate-fought-two-wars-defending-brunei-sultanate.html). If this source is true then how come in the textbook stated that Sulu broke away from Brunei’s control in the middle of 17th centurywhen Spain and Brunei was busy competing each other. To clarify on that question, we all know that Sultan Bokiah conquered many islands in the Philippines including Sulu and continued to control Sulu until perhaps the 17th century when the Spanish in Manila constantly invading Sulu and somehow Brunei lost control of its territories in the Philippines. In addition here is another link(http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/Modules/Modules/MuslimMindanao/historical_timeline_of_the_royal.htm) that will give better understanding of Sultanate of Sulu from its beginning until the present state. Enjoy reading and comments welcome!


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